30 September 2006

Watch/Necklace Hybrid? I Vote Yes.

This is by far the best accessory I've seen this fall...and I'm not even sure it's for fall. Oh well. I don't think it would be too functional for everyday use, but it's certainly cute enough to wear all the time. It would be stunning to wear with a monochromatic outfit, with shoes to match the necklace. Perhaps like so:

The pear is definitely my favorite.

$125 is way out of my budget for a necklace though. I suppose I'll have to wait for knockoffs....

23 September 2006

Back to School Fashion

The area I'm from is not renowned for its fashion sense. Everything is jeans and tee shirts, from my college campus to the streets downtown. The uni "uniform" tends toward a school sweatshirt and some sort of comfy pant...except for the sorority girls. These girls scout the newest trend, leech onto it, and wear it to death. Last winter was a fugfest of jeans tucked into Ugg boots, where the jeans were boot-cut and either bagging over the tops of the boots, or rolled up.

Then footless tights started showing up. This was in the spring, back before I was incredibly interested in fashion. Actually, the first pair I ever saw were peeking out from under a long hippie-type skirt. I was in shock, and was ever so glad when school ended and my eyes weren't assalted anymore.

This fall, with the rise of skinny jeans in the US, along with the continuing popularity of footless tights/leggings, I am a bit apprehensive. I don't want to see leg flab. I don't want to see rolled up jeans and pink uggs, although that's a bit too late. I don't want to see monstrous thighs and a denim mini...leggings would have been welcome in that case.

Fortunately, the footless tights/leggings that I've seen so far have been cute, or at least as cute as they can be. The girls have had skinny legs, and weren't wearing outrageous colors. I'll try to grab some pictures sometime.