25 January 2007

Fashion + Food

I'm sitting on my couch, eating a carbolicious toasty bagel with salmon cream cheese, and watching Iron Chef, thinking about fashion. The combination is a bit odd; after all, it's a giant sterotype that anyone in the fashion industry eats nothing but...what? celery and crack?

Despite this, there is a happy union between the two: Padma Lakshmi, host of Bravo's Top Chef. She's a model, an actress, a gourmand. And she's gorgeous.

Seriously, how could you go wrong with Sean Bean as an accessory? I just hope more of the fashion industry follows her lead, and embraces food. Food can be incredibly stylish and sexy. Food is the fashion of the future.

...Maybe not. Oh, and the secret ingredient is Beet.

23 January 2007

looks for spring

If you want to look awesome for Spring, just buy everything over at American Apparel! (I'm not sure whether I'm being sarcastic or not....)

I think the leggings have started to grow on me, provided that they're not paired with a denim mini and Uggs.

It's nerdy, yet chic. I would have never thought to use brown shoes with the blue and green.

This is my absolute favorite. It's so ballet chic, and that skirt is amazing.

18 January 2007

15 January 2007

o rly

This is one trend that was better as a necklace. Seriously.


13 January 2007

since everybody's doing it.


12 January 2007

so, two months later

Apparently a blog other than my livejournal may have not been a good idea. I'm not going to make any promises, but I'll definitely try to update this one more. I've discovered that even though I can't wear every look (skinny jeans and size 12 hips don't mix very well), I can fangirl about them. And perhaps one day I'll whittle my way down a bit.

Back to the fashion. I know this is hella late, and that the Proenza Schouler line at Target was announced months ago, and I've already looked at the promo photos, but February 4 is getting closer. I've been remembering what it is I really liked about the collection.

That yellow skinny belt is amazing.

Layering is love. I haven't been able to pull of the Mary-Kate Olson-style layering yet, but this simple kind is just delightful.

And the colors! Oh, the colors. I'm so glad that big, bold colors are being tossed around now. (Photos from the Jane blog.)

Basically, for Spring I want a yellow skinny belt and my old figure back. Hah.