13 August 2006

Mission? Style.

Basically, with a new blog, I try to start over. This will chronicle my forays into the fashion world, which I have only given a passing glance in the days of yore. I'm a dork; I don't have the best body; I don't have a ton of money; I can, however, research the heck out of style on the internet, so as to make the best purchases for myself and my pocketbook.

My style right now is probably typical college student. I own manymany tee shirts, hoodies, track jackets, etc. I tend to look a bit on the "emo" side, and don't have many "casual work" clothes (which has proven to be a problem since I began my new job). I'm working on filling in the holes that glare at me in my wardrobe (black pants, mainly) and making a few frivolous purchases that offer a visual description of my personality.

We'll see where this is going...it may head off into a direction entirely of its own.

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