08 November 2006

well, i bought new shoes

That's pretty much the only excuse I have for not posting, besides work and school and friends. In my absence, I decided that I rather miss this, so I'm going to try to post on a more regular schedule now.

But back to the shoes. I finally caved and bought a pair of Louboutin ripoffs from Target. I might have been tempted to buy a real pair, if only I had a real job and a larger bank account. But after I paraded them around my apartment, I started thinking. These shoes will be worn to death in about a month. For one, there's at least one celebrity wearing a pair at any given moment. Also, at Target, the red pairs were waiting for rainchecks, so that means that tons of girls around here have them as well. So basically, I bought a pair of shoes that everybody has, that will probably fall apart in less than a year of heavy use.

I like them so much I'm tempted to keep them around for a long time, like so long that my future kids will be poking around in the back of my closet and ask to use them for dress-up. My concern is that in the next 5ish years, they'll be incredibly dated and cliche.

I'll probably wear them anyway.

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Anonymous said...

i think you made a great decision, you can love 'em and leave 'em as you see fit