01 August 2007

Is it can be autumn nao?

Since I had the great idea to start planning my fall wardrobe the other day, all I can think about is how I want the weather to start turning colder, so I can go back to school (that is, have an excuse to wear nicer clothes) and wear fall clothes. Summer has never been my strong point in fashion. When I was little, all I would wear all summer were bicycle shorts and a baggy tee shirt. Now, it's better, but not by much. I have some cute A-line skirts and some bermuda shorts, but basically I look very un-put-together. I thought perhaps this spring that I could totally switch to a California surf bum look, with vans and ripped shorts and faded tees. But then again, I'm too "classy" for that.

Autumn completely revitalizes my look at life and fashion. I love the cooler weather, the waning of summer, the crunchy leaves. I love being able to wear jeans without sweating. I love breaking sweaters and boots out of hiding and feeling in the air the tantalizing prospect of a heavy jacket. There's a feeling of renewal as the summer fades, a feeling that I can start fresh again, that I can shed failed styles and grow new ones. It's always nice coming back to my wardrobe after a summer away.

Gah, is it September yet?

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