26 July 2007

Keeping with my "Minerva McGonagall does hipster" idea for my fall wardrobe concept (oh, I haven't talked about that yet?), I'm thinking of going for an Oxford-type shoe. I think I'd like the flat mensware version, as I just don't like the look of the heeled ones--they're too trendy looking. That's okay, I've seen some that are absolutely gorgeous, but it's just not me. Or maybe I'm just bitter that the only pair I've fallen in love with have a peep-toe, and I'm getting tired of the peep-toe. It's not practical for winters where I live. Snow + ice + peep-toe = cold, gross feets.

So I might end up buying some men's shoes this fall, or hopefully I can find some that are women's that I like. I don't know. I'm not much of a shoe shopper, but I do know that I want a pair of Oxfords and a really bright pair of pumps (but not red--I already have those).

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