01 July 2007

Daily Outfit...

I figure, even if I'm horrible about remembering to take a photo of my outfits every day, I can at least write about them. The point of this blog (other than to rise to the top of fashion bloggers and get personally invited to NY Fashion Week by Marc Jacobs, of course) is to improve my personal style, wardrobe acquisition habits, organization and such. If I post regularly about what I wore, and why I wore it to where, I can get more of an insight into how I view my clothes/body/style. Once I get an idea of that, I can go about improving it.

Today I was headed to a friend's baby dedication ceremony and their housewarming/birthday party. So it was off to church, but I had to be appropriately dressed for a rather casual crowd, lots of little kids and a barbecue.
» Knee-length purple+orange wallpaper pattern skirt.
» Black tank.
» Purple wrap top.
» Vintage rhinestone necklace.
» Black flat pointy kitten heels.
» Black clutch.

The effect was very retro, almost 50s housewife with a big dose of tabasco. The wrap top was a bit warm, considering it's the middle of summer and the sleeves on that thing are three-quarter length. Perhaps that wasn't the best choice, but I couldn't think of anything else to put with the skirt. I was slightly overdressed (they're a jeans and clean tee shirt kind of crowd), but that's okay.

I will try to be better at posting...not that anyone reads this yet. Someday I'm sure it'll turn into the INTERNET FASHION EXTRAVAGANZA!!1eleven!1!, and pull 387428374875 people. But that's not now. Lol.

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