02 July 2007

Semi-Urban Outfitted.

Today I had so little incentive to dress up that I almost walked out the door in chucks, bermudas and a tee shirt. Fortunately, I had just read Gala Darling's post on Non-Monotonous Summer Dressing, which emphasized accessories as a good way to dress up a simple summer outfit. It's definitely a better alternative than layering, which is good for cool summer nights, but too sweaty for the daytime. Usually I go sans jewelery in the summer too, because I get all hot and gross.

But I changed that. Whilst hunting for my swallow necklace, I found my skull scarf (which is very interesting in that the skulls look very much like vines if the scarf is rolled up), and decided to try to wear it. Unfortunately, it's too short to wear as a belt, and I got the bright idea to try a faux-turban. I borrowed one of my mom's old scarves, which worked nicely.

The urban turban (lol) was a big fashion step for me. Most of the time I appreciate trends or eccentricities on other people, but won't even think about trying one myself. I felt rather MK&A Olson-esque; foxy and 89 years old at the same time. I managed to wear it for most of the day, even though my head started sweating. It was a nice look, but I think I'll save it for evenings, or the fall.

» Errands, moving more to the new digs, orchestra rehearsal. (Read: comfort.)
» Black semi-flattering bermuda shorts.
» Grey/white striped short-sleeved henley.
» Swallow necklace.
» Scarf turban-y thing.
» Red peep-toe baby wedges.

I think it's time to retire the top to a place in the layering pile, instead of a piece on its own.

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