25 July 2007


I'm a little bit peeved. I've been thinking a lot about the whole feathers/fringe thing going on for FW07, and somewhere I got the idea to make myself a feathered headband. (Y'know, take a pain ol' headband and hotglue scads of feathers on it...sort of a cross between Isabella Blow and Alice-in-Wonderland.) It would make the trend a whole lot more wearable (for me, at least) and really cool.

Unfortunately, in the last two weeks, I've seen feathered headbands in some Ladies' Home Journal-type magazine, and in my local Target. While I'm amused that I've been having the same thoughts as many other people, I'm mildly horrified that this wasn't my own idea--that other people were thinking the same thing--and that I haven't actually started making my headband yet, so technically I have no proof that I thought of it first.

I'm thinking of making two: one with some Pheasant-type feathers, and one with bright green Cockatoo-type feathers. I know mine would be a better quality than the Target version.

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